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Po Pravuyu Ruku Sna

all poems are © copyright 1985-2003 Nina Kossman HIS HAPPINESS The actual event was no longer of any interest. A destiny, exquisitely thought through, had folded into a life. So much for the fluctuating approximations of intelligent power, purposeful sky. He tested his strength in the essential instances when the life and the image flap [...]

Behind the Border

"Vivid picture of life behind the Iron Curtain." --Booklist "Young readers will identify readily with the impetuous Nina."--Kirkus "13 short pieces...pungently convey the effects of growing up under a totalitarian regime."--Publishers Weekly

Gods and Mortals

"Gods And Mortals is a fascinating collection of poems that brings together the classic and the contemporary, the 'old' and the 'new', in unexpected and startling ways. Nina Kossman has brought together a richly imaginative gathering of memorable work." --Joyce Carol Oates

In the Inmost Hour of the Soul

[The poems in this volume] focus on the richest and most eventful years of Tsvetayeva's life. ... [Tsvetayeva] presents an enormous challenge to a translator, and Kossman demonstrates her respect for the poet by eschewing formal imitation. Her aim, she states, is 'to create readable English poems.' ...she succeeds admirably, through a carefully selective use [...]


all poems are © copyright 1985-2003 Nina Kossman   Видишь, как солнце прячет ловко золотыми руками память о смуглых предках в длинные языческие вазы; тонкие руки солнца, проворные желтые пальцы чтобы мы ничего не знали о спокойных этрусских лицах, о легком этрусском прахе и о зеркале веков между нами и смертью. * * *   [...]

Poem of the End

Poem of the End

REACTIONS : "...I love your direct, strong, audible translations. You convey the poems as poems....I hear her voice, more of it, and in a new pitch, which makes something clear in her poems that I had only guessed at before." --W.S. Merwin "...You do wonders with a poet nearly impossible to translate. I'm impressed." --Charles [...]

Women Playwrights

The Story of Little Ai